The Other Chile: Following Victor Jara’s Songs

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While the country enters a media-hyped electoral campaign, some communities continue their struggle to create a new world based upon  Continue Reading »

Synopsis of a Failed Process of Pacification and Democratization in the Region

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Peace Agreements and Democratization Processes in Central America The changes that followed the Peace Agreements in Central America, particularly since  Continue Reading »

An Interview with Carlos Alvarez of Mercosur

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Mercosur (the Common Market of the South) was formed in 1991 by Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. It is described  Continue Reading »

Biodiversity Report from the Americas Program of CIP—July 2009

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CHILE: Resounding Rejection of Genetically Modified (GM) Products BRAZIL: The Harsh Reality Behind Sugar Cane Ethanol NO to Bio-fuels for  Continue Reading »

A Lack of Resolve

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President Mel Zelaya is right to refuse to be delivered back to his presidential chair, trussed and bound like a  Continue Reading »

South America’s Swine Flu Winter

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Just three weeks after the southern winter solstice, an already overloaded Argentine health service prepares for the second winter influenza  Continue Reading »

Elections in Argentina: A Return to the Right and a Blow for Kirchnerism

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Though legislative elections took place in Argentina on June 28, the topic on everyone’s mind now is the 2011 presidential  Continue Reading »