Biodiversity Report from Americas Program of CIP—October 2009

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Uruguay: Genetically Modified Invasion Nicaragua: Food Sovereignty Does Not Exist Without Native Seeds Holland and (Ir)responsible Soy Bolivia: Climate Justice  Continue Reading »

Power and the Army

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Mexico’s Supreme Court of Justice rejected a petition to review the constitutionality of the use of the army in public  Continue Reading »

The Case of the Cuban Five: American Justice as a Political Weapon

Escrito por  |  19 / October / 2009

The decision by a Miami court on Tuesday October 13 to reduce Antonio Guererro’s life sentence to 22 years imprisonment  Continue Reading »

ICE Detention Reforms Hide Abusive Practices

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The Obama administration is trying to wiggle its way out of the immigration crisis created by the Bush administration without  Continue Reading »

Poor Pecos, Poor Prisoners—Criminal Justice for Immigrants in Texas’ Reeves County

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Getting into the federal building in Pecos, Texas takes political sophistication—something I was apparently lacking when attempting to enter the  Continue Reading »

An Interview with Emir Sader

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Emir Sader, professor, sociologist, andexecutive secretary of the Latin AmericanCouncil of Social Sciences (CLACSO).Photo: Universidade Federal deMinas Gerais. With the  Continue Reading »

Brazil Emerges as a Military Power

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The recently signed agreements between Brazil and France are about much more than the purchase of armaments. They indicate the  Continue Reading »