The 21 Points of the Coalition for Democratic Broadcast Regulation Are Now Law

Escrito por  |  4 / November / 2009

Thousands of activists from social and political organizations, the two workers’ centers of the country, human rights groups, national universities,  Continue Reading »

My Thoughts on Honduras

Escrito por  |  3 / November / 2009

It appears that the crisis in Honduras is coming to a satisfactory conclusion. It is possible that things could still  Continue Reading »

Support the Americas Program

Escrito por  |  2 / November / 2009

Like any good grassroots effort for change, it doesn’t take a lot of money to keep the Americas Program going—it  Continue Reading »

Agreement to End Honduran Coup Marks Victory and Challenge

Escrito por  |  30 / October / 2009

Last night, Oct. 29, Honduras’ de facto regime finally agreed to allow Congress to vote to "restore full executive power  Continue Reading »

Mexican Union-Busting, Immigrant Prisons, The Border and National Security, Power and the Army

Escrito por  |  28 / October / 2009

Dear Friends, This week’s Americas Updater is a special on Mexico and the U.S.-Mexico border. As domestic policy debates and  Continue Reading »

Profits, Poverty, and Immigration Converge

Escrito por  |  26 / October / 2009

County Clerk Dianne Florez noticed it first. Plumes of smoke were rising outside the small West Texas town of Pecos.  Continue Reading »

Ecuador: The Battle for Natural Resources Deepens

Escrito por  |  26 / October / 2009

A new indigenous uprising began in defense of water sources threatened by open air mining in Ecuador in late September.  Continue Reading »