Obama Pledges to Seek "Equal Partnership" At Americas Summit:
Matching Words with Deeds

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The stage was set for a showdown. Hugo Chavez and Barack Obama exchanged another round of insults before getting on  Continue Reading »

The Failed Border Security Initiative

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Something isn’t working. In late 2005 Michael Chertoff, the new secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), launched the  Continue Reading »

Mr. President: Calderon is not Mexico

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President Obama’s visit to Mexico has produced vague and contradictory statements, centered on worn-out strategies. Many people who had hoped  Continue Reading »

Fighting to Save Mexico’s Mangroves

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The mangroves of Mexico are under growing pressure. Photo: Greenpeace. Standing in front of the Vicente Guerrero Elementary School as  Continue Reading »

G-20: Round Two

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Brazil’s Lula da Silva and China’s Hu Jintao met in Londonat the G-20 summit. Photo: Xinhua/Lan Hongguang. In early April,  Continue Reading »

April Biodiversity Report from the Americas Program

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Dear Readers, We are pleased to present a new series of short reports on subjects concerning biodiversity in the Americas.  Continue Reading »

50 Years of the IDB; On-Site Analysis in El Salvador; Biodiversity Report; Mexico’s Community Radios

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This Week in the Americas The IDB—50 Years, Zero Reflection By Laura Carlsen At the end of March, the Inter-American  Continue Reading »