Biodiversity Report from Americas Program of CIP—August 2009

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Puerto Rico: Ecological Corridor Campaign Uruguay and Brazil: Genetically Modified Products and Agro-toxins Go Hand in Hand Argentina: A Catastrophe  Continue Reading »

The Deficit of Leadership at the North American Leaders Summit

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Times of crisis require bold leadership and innovative solutions. They are a sign of the need to break out of  Continue Reading »

Leadership Deficit at North American Summit; Future of Mercosur; U.S. Bases in Colombia; Crackdown in Honduras; NAFTA and Hazardous Waste; Living on the Edge in Chile; Mexican Human Rights Under Fire; Condemned of Buenos Aires

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Americas Program Blog:   This Week in the Americas The Lack of Leadership at the North American Leaders Summit  Continue Reading »

Obama’s Choice: New Documents Show United States Seeks Colombian Bases for Training and Operations

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President Obama was forced to address the growing clamor in South America in opposition to plans for U.S. military use  Continue Reading »

A Political, Economic, and Ecological Initiative in the Ecuadorian Amazon

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By Alberto Acosta, Eduardo Gudynas, Esperanza Martínez and Joseph Vogel The government of Ecuador has presented a novel proposal to  Continue Reading »

The Condemned of the City

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Argentine cities today, especially the city of Buenos Aires, are suffering a profound crisis. Districts of the dispossessed expand, new  Continue Reading »

Honduran Coup Crisis Continues; Return of the Right in Argentina; Biodiversity Report; Swine Flu in South America

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This Week in the Americas Dear friends, We’ve been covering the coup in Honduras since before it happened—some 40 days  Continue Reading »