The Life and Death of a Mexican Environmental Prophet

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Don Felipe is dead. An internationally-known forest defender and organic farming promoter, 60-year-old Felipe Arreaga Sanchez was killed September 16,  Continue Reading »

Breaking the Silence: The Mexican Army and the 1997 Acteal Massacre

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This article re-launches the Open Files series on U.S.-Latin America relations produced by the CIP Americas Program in collaboration with  Continue Reading »

Coup in Honduras; FASINPAT; Renegotiate NAFTA; UNASUR Nations; Plan Puebla Panama; Swine Flu Cover-Up

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This Week in the Americas Efforts to End the Honduran Coup, Border Business Dear Friends, The coup in Honduras, for  Continue Reading »

South American Nations Question U.S.-Colombia Military Base Agreement

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The member countries of UNASUR met in Bariloche, Argentinaon Aug. 28. Photo: On Aug. 28, 10 South American presidents  Continue Reading »

Plan Puebla-Panama Advances: New Name, Same Game

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At the “IX Tuxtla Summit,” held July 24 in Costa Rica, the declaration against the Honduran coup d’etat captured the  Continue Reading »

The Great Swine Flu Cover-Up

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Mexico has been considered the laboratory of globalization since it initiated the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1994. In  Continue Reading »

A Pressing Case for NAFTA Review and Renegotiation

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At President Obama’s first North American Summit in August, the leaders of the three nations avoided any mention of the  Continue Reading »