Immigrant Prison Burns in Pecos

Escrito por  |  6 / February / 2009

The Reeves County Detention Center started burning again on Wednesday night, and the billowing clouds of smoke could be seen  Continue Reading »

America’s Frontline Is Getting Crowded

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The Sept. 11 terrorist attacks set off the Bush administration’s "Global War on Terrorism" and a Border Patrol hiring frenzy  Continue Reading »

Boom Times on the Border

Escrito por  |  5 / February / 2009

The river runs slow and shallow through the Chihuahuan desert as it flows 1,200 miles from El Paso/Juarez to the  Continue Reading »

Eight Reasons to Reject the Bush Administration’s “Merida Initiative on Regional Security Cooperation” and Reorient Aid to Mexico

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Night of the Golden Iguana:
Land Conflicts Riddle Mexican Tourism Development

Escrito por  |  3 / February / 2009

Certain events transform the world. The coming of the railroad to the rural United States, the invention of the atomic  Continue Reading »

Is Brazil Creating Its Own “Backyard”?

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In past months a number of conflicts have occurred between the emerging global power of Brazil and its smaller neighbors,  Continue Reading »

Napolitano Finessing Immigrant Crackdown

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Like Michael Chertoff, her predecessor as chief of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Janet Napolitano doesn’t have the power  Continue Reading »