Riding “The Beast”

Escrito por  |  6 / September / 2011

By Christine Kovic From July 25 to August 2 of this year, hundreds of Central American migrants, their family members,  Continue Reading »

Human Rights Caravan Protests Migrant Kidnappings

Escrito por  |  25 / August / 2011

From July 25 to August 2, 2011, hundreds of Central Americans retraced the steps of family members through southern Mexico. They were searching for relatives who have disappeared and demanding respect for immigrant rights. This is Part 1 of the Americas Program three-part series on the caravan and the dire situation of Central American migrants traveling through Mexico.

March Against Drug War Rejects “National Security Law”, Calls for “Citizen Security”

Escrito por  |  17 / August / 2011

Hundreds of people streamed onto Avenida Reforma from Mexico City’s Museum of Anthropology, further proof that Mexico’s peace and justice movement still has the capacity to draw citizens out to protest the drug war. Protesters demanded that the Mexican Congress throw out proposed reforms to the National Security Law that is designed to provide legal underpinnings for continuing the war on drugs strategy launched by President Felipe Calderon in December of 2006.

The Delusion of Power

Escrito por  |  11 / August / 2011

Buried underneath last week’s hysterical news about the continuing, politically manufactured “debt ceiling crisis,” was an article from a non-U.S. press agency, the French Press Agency, entitled “US unveils sanctions against global organized crime,” It detailed how President Obama had signed an executive order imposing financial and other sanctions on a group of foreign criminal organizations ranging from Russia, Japan and Italy to Mexico.

Five Years Demanding Justice for the Murder of My Father

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Diana Gomez, is the daughter of Jaime Enrique Gomez Velasquez, a union leader and member of the political opposition who was disappeared and murdered in 2006. As a member of “Sons and Daughters for Memory and Against Impunity” (Hijos e Hijas por la Memoria y Contra la Impunidad) Diana has never stopped seeking justice.

Conference for Water and Pachamama

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Nearly two thousand activists explored extractivism over three days in the city of Cuenca, Ecuador, at the Continental Conference for Water and Pachamama, debating the problems created by the extractive model and possible alternatives. The Conference Ethics Tribunal condemned militarization and the criminalization of protest, which are integral parts of the extractive model.

Guatemala: Resisting the New Colonialism

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Two objectives guide the United States and transnational companies in Central America: geopolitical and military control and enormous profits from mining megaprojects. Militarism, drug-trafficking, and violence complete a picture in which the same ones always lose.