How Ending the Drug War Would Support Human Rights in Mexico

Escrito por  |  17 / April / 2011

Thousands of Mexicans took to the streets last week to protest violence related to drug trafficking and the Mexican government’s inability or unwillingness to prevent it. U.S. and international activists who want to show solidarity with the people of Mexico must recognize that the most effective step we can take is to bring the war on drugs to an end.

El Paso Jury Acquits Arch-Terrorist Posada Carriles of all Charges

Escrito por  |  17 / April / 2011

U.S.-Cuban relations – and the Obama administration’s standing — received a painful and embarrassing blow on April 9 when an El Paso jury acquitted arch-terrorist Luis Posada Carriles of all charges, despite the overwhelming evidence against him.

CHINA SYNDROME: China’s Growing Presence in Latin America

Escrito por  |  12 / April / 2011

China is fast overtaking and displacing both the United States and Europe in Latin American trade. Latin American business elites and governments on the left and the right, hungry for foreign investment and exchange, welcome the opportunity to do business with the Chinese. But environmentalists and progressives in the region are concerned about China’s growing influence, decrying that much of its investment is going into environmentally unsustainable activities and is putting local and national sovereignty into question.

Monsanto Uses Latest Food Crisis to Push Transgenic Corn in Mexico

Escrito por  |  28 / March / 2011

Monsanto has turned the drop in international corn reserves and the havoc wreaked on Mexican corn production by an unexpected cold snap into an argument for speeding up commercial planting of its genetically modified (GM) corn in Mexico. The transnational is claiming that its modified seeds are the only solution to scarcity and rising grain prices.

Why Mexico’s War on Drugs is Unwinnable

Escrito por  |  28 / March / 2011

In Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, a student peace protester is gunned down by the Federal Police. Pictures of the intestines bursting  Continue Reading »

Bolivia After the Storm

Escrito por  |  23 / March / 2011

At the end of December, the first popular uprising in the region against a government of the left took place in Bolivia. It was caused by an excessive increase in the price of fuels. The event demonstrates the difficulties of entering into a truly alternative mode of development, but it also reveals the limits of the Bolivian government’s stated effort to re-establish and decolonize the state.

US Tries to Block Aristide Return, Derail Democracy

Escrito por  |  18 / March / 2011

The United States’ long history of intervening in Haitian politics is alive and well: President Obama’s administration is attempting to derail the lawful return of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide before Sunday’s controversial run-off elections.