Social Movements at Paris Climate Talks Refuse to be Collateral Damage to Security Measures

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Manifestantes se juntan abajo de un títere que recuerda a la pintura por De La Croix "La Libertad guiando al pueblo". La pancarta dice "Uds. no son títeres".

On Nov. 19, French authorities announced that under the State of Emergency all protests leading up to and during the COP21 Paris climate talks Nov. 30 to Dec. 12, were cancelled. Protests are defined as gatherings of more than two people with a political motive.

In Her Name: Marisela Escobedo Ortiz

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The defensoras, or women human rights defenders, embody courage every moment as systematic violence has broadened its target toward them as a way to disempower women activists, weaken movements for social change, and maintain the patriarchal, militarized Mexican State. Women human rights defenders risk their lives every day to create a Mexico where being a woman doesn’t inherently mean a doomed fate.

Mining is Bad Business

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Destruicao Mariana

A decade-long mining boom has left a string of complications–environmental liabilities, social polarization and loss of governmental legitimacy. Meanwhile it has not resolved a single underlying problem.

Cowboys, Indians Join to Defeat Keystone XL Cross-boundary Tar-sands Crude Pipeline

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Foto de Aldo Seone.
La oposición firme y sostenida de la sociedad civil a la propuesta del Canadian TransCanada Corp. se transformó en el asunto ambiental más importante del Presidente Barack Obama.

The White House touted its Nov. 6 denial of the controversial Keystone XL tar-sands crude-oil pipeline application as proof of a new U.S. policy committed to global leadership in climate change action.

Tight Run-off in Argentina, Two Competing National Projects

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The electoral results from Sunday, October 25, were a shock. The atmosphere and the polls indicated that the only thing left to know was whether the candidate of the Front for Victory (FPV)—Daniel Scioli—would win in the first round or not.

CIA Asked to Release Documents Related to Massacre in El Salvador

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Photo by Philippe Bourgois, an anthropologist conducting research in El Salvador who survived the slaughter.

The wounds of war have still not healed in El Salvador. Twenty-three years after the peace treaty, victims of the armed conflict are still waiting for justice and looking for their missing loved ones.

U.S. Arms Sales Are Fueling Mideast Wars

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The recent surge in U.S. arms transfers to the Middle East is part of an unprecedented boom in major U.S. arms sales that has been presided over by the Obama administration.