The Damming of the New Sonora

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Gov. Padrés at pumping station for Independencia aqueduct on Novillo reservoir / Periódico Digital

Like other states in the Transborder West, population growth and economic development and modernization are products of hydraulic manipulations. Damming, diverting, and drilling have turned the Sonoran Desert – which covers nearly 40% of the state — into a green belt for agribusiness and the state’s urban core.

Making the Desert Bloom: The Rise of Sonora’s Hydraulic Society

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The question facing Sonora and most other states on both sides of the international border across the TransBorder West is whether governments and inhabitants are willing to accept the expense and impact of sustaining their hydraulic societies. Whether the benefits of new water megaprojects outweigh the costs?

The Old and New Sonoras: The Context for Sonora’s Water Wars

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Bavispe River, the major tributary of the Yaqui River, snakes through the narrow canyons of eastern Sonora

Sonora’s hydraulic society is a divided one. The water for the desert cities and agribusiness of the New Sonora comes largely from the rivers of the Old Sonora. The damming, draining, and diversion of the state’s rivers has sustained the population and economy of western Sonora.

Without Respect for Indigenous Rights, There Will be No Solution to Climate Change Report from Lima

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The People’s Summit on Climate Change began with a strong indigenous presence with a message to the world: humanity is going through a crisis of civilization, on an exhausted planet where we can no longer tolerate the biological illiteracy of those do not know how to read life.

Haiti Rape Accountability and Prevention Project, 16 Days of Activism

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This year, the international campaign to raise awareness of and to call for an end to all forms of violence against women centers on the links between militarism and gender based violence. IJDH and BAI have joined with grassroots groups in Haiti and international partners to launch the Haiti Rape Accountability and Prevention Project (RAPP) to respond to the epidemic of rapes against poor women and girls in Haiti in the wake of the January 12, 2010 earthquake.

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Jody Williams Talks About Women’s Role in Peace

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Sustainable peace is not simply the absence of conflict or war. It’s based on a different concept entirely of security–instead of national security, it’s based on a conception of security that has at its center the well being of the people. If the basic needs of the majority of the population of the county are not met, there is no security.

Mexico’s Epidemic of Violence Against Women

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The incidence of violence against women in Mexico has become an epidemic – one that cuts across class and regions. The official numbers hide the real scope of the problem. Many victims never report the crimes, out of fear or shame. And government officials often cover up the violence to avoid the negative image and sometimes to actively protect the guilty. Interview From Mexico spoke with Luz Estrada Mendoza about violence against women and “gender alerts” in the country.