From the Green Economy to Communality

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  During the United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development (Rio +20) held this past June in Brazil; Presidents Evo Morales  Continue Reading »

Coastal Development Threatens Mexican Reef

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Following efforts by members of civil society to protect one of Mexico’s most important coral reefs, political pressures obligated President  Continue Reading »

Mexico’s Movement for Real Democracy

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Mexico is seeing the birth of a movement for real democracy. It is led by a generation that wants to break through the cynicism of a nation accustomed to corruption and authoritarian rule. Its members challenge not just the election results, but the very definition of democracy.

Mexican Farmers Up Against Canadian Mining Goliaths

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For over two decades in many parts of Mexico, large corporations — mostly foreign-owned but usually with wealthy Mexican partners  Continue Reading »

Keep the Americas Program Alive

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Dear Friends and Readers, Our Americas Program team is coming off a hectic couple of weeks observing and writing on  Continue Reading »

Canada’s Promotion of Mining Industry Belies Claims of Corporate Social Responsibility

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In recent months, Canadians have been infuriated to hear that their government is subsidizing profitable overseas mining operations by channelling  Continue Reading »

Mexican Elections Coverage: Americas Program In the Field

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Current Election Coverage It’s been a whirlwind week for the Americas Program, writing on the Mexican elections before, during and  Continue Reading »