The Qom, the Indigenous People Who Came to Buenos Aires

Escrito por  |  15 / June / 2011

The Qom community of The Primavera is made up of some 4500 inhabitants. As is true with almost all indigenous communities in Argentina, their circumstances are virtually ignored in a society that thinks of itself as “descended from ships.” However, the fight for land and territory that continues in their state of Formosa has grown to such a size that it has broken through the media barrier that usually keeps the interior of the country invisible to those in Buenos Aires.

Mexico’s Spiraling Violence

Escrito por  |  15 / June / 2011

Striking the podium in anger, Felipe Calderon insists that the explosion of violence in Mexican soil is the sole fault of organized crime. He reiterates his commitment to the war on drugs and his determination to relentlessly pursue those responsible. This vehement defense of his security strategy is directed not at the criminals themselves, but at a society that increasingly rejects the president’s crime policy.

Capulalpam, the Babel of Land Disputes

Escrito por  |  15 / June / 2011

For two days, Capulalpam de la Sierra Juárez in Oaxaca turned into a modern Babel of land disputes. The town was the site of the Third National Forum Building Resistance to Protect our Land, May 20 and 21. The organizers said the goal of the event was, “a critical analysis of the current model of development, and the compilation of a list of demands so as to allow the communities to form a united front in the defense of their lands.”

Between Drug Trafficking and Electioneering, Guatemala Left High and Dry

Escrito por  |  14 / June / 2011

In an interview with the Americas Program, Marco Antonio Castillo, director of the Guatemala-based Grupo Ceiba, notes that increased violence in Guatemala caused by the presence of drug-trafficking cartels is causing alarm and will lead presidential candidates this year to call for a crackdown. In a country that experienced the military abuses of the eighties, this will be dangerous.

Growing Ties Between Mexican and U.S. Labor

Escrito por  |  14 / June / 2011

In this fourth article of David Bacon’s series ‘Building a Culture of Cross-Border Solidarity’, the author looks at the growing ties between U.S. and Mexican unions. This article was originally published in the Institute for Transnational Social Change report ‘Building a Culture of Cross-Border Solidarity’.

Exclusive Americas Program video interview with Javier Sicilia

Escrito por  |  13 / June / 2011

In this exclusive interview with Americas Program Director Laura Carlsen, poet and anti-drug war leader Javier Sicilia discusses the role of the United States in Mexico’s drug war and the potential for citizen protest to challenge it.

Mexico Peace Caravan’s Long Road Ends (Begins) With Pact Signed in Juárez

Escrito por  |  11 / June / 2011

In a darkened plaza at the foot of the Monument to Juárez, Javier Sicilia, civic leaders and scores of victims signed the National Civil Pact for Peace with Justice and Dignity. Hundreds of participants in the caravan and Juarez citizens gathered for the event cheered as pen was finally put to paper.