Migrants as Targets of Security Policies

Escrito por  |  11 / July / 2011

On Friday, June 23 a group of Central American migrants crossing Mexico by freight train en route to the United States were kidnapped at gunpoint in Medias Aguas, Veracruz. This is just the latest example of how U.S.-Mexico “security” policy has placed migrants at greater risk than ever.

To Live with Dignity is to Build a New World

Escrito por  |  3 / July / 2011

One of the main disadvantages that poor and working class people face in building a new world is that it is very difficult to even imagine what one would be like. The experience of a group of rural workers in Mendoza, Argentina who are resisting and carrying out productive initiatives, shows that there is a way: To create, here and now, pieces of those “other” worlds that can inspire others to follow in their path.

Why Haiti Needs a Literacy Campaign

Escrito por  |  29 / June / 2011

Across the political spectrum, education holds a central place in Haiti’s reconstruction and development plans. The education of children is rightfully their primary concern. But in a nation where 55 percent of adults cannot read or write, according to the United Nations Educational Social and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the potential value of a large-scale effort to increase their literacy rate is worth considering as well.

“Trying to Combat Drugs with Violence is Turning Mexico into a Graveyard”: Julian LeBaron

Escrito por  |  29 / June / 2011

“We are here today because we have to be–if we don’t participate, if we don’t protest, we’re accomplices. There are 40,000 dead in this war against drug trafficking. I, for one, think it’s totally wrong. Everyone with a conscience should join in. If we don’t participate, we are collaborating with crime–we’d be less hypocritical if we were criminals.”

The Americas Program Needs Your Help

Escrito por  |  27 / June / 2011

We know that you–our readers–are a diverse group of concerned citizens with intellectual, ethical, professional and personal ties to Latin America. That’s why we’re asking for your support.

Citizen’s Pact for Peace with Justice and Dignity

Escrito por  |  23 / June / 2011

Translation of the Citizen’s Pact read and signed in Ciudad Juarez on June 10, 2011: “We are a Mexico that has stood up against the manifold violence that has ripped it apart, torn its fabric of solidarity, devastated the instinctual generosity of its people. We are a Mexico that marches, tired of being fed fear and distrust, when what springs naturally from our people are embraces and celebration. We are a Mexico tired of impunity, crime, and insecurity because day after day we love justice, solidarity and peace.”

Development and Migration: The Missing Link

Escrito por  |  21 / June / 2011

President Obama’s speech in El Paso on May 10 put the immigration debate back on the table. Although Obama’s attempt to reframe the debate moved discussion back into economics, he left out any structural explanation of what pushes migration in a globalized world. What are the conditions that drive thousands of people a year to assume the risks of migrating to the United States to “provide for their families”? How can development policies be coordinated to build employment options for people at home?