Armed Peace Does Not Equate with Civil Peace

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Peace process dialogue meeting (Oslo, Norway) Photo:

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) began peace negotiations with a surprise proposal in La Habana (Cuba) on November 19th. In Colombia some groups assert that peace depends upon the political will of the guerrillas, but what conditions exist for a successful process?

Ismael and Manuelita Died in Defense of Three Basic Rights

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The three most threatened human rights on the planet today are the right to water, the right to a healthy environment, and the right to food. In Chihuahua these are ever-growing threats that have claimed two victims already. Ismael Osorio and Manuelita Solis, his wife, were murdered near Ciudad Cuauhtémoc on Oct. 23 while they defended these rights.

What really happened in Curuguaty?

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What happened in Curuguaty? That’s the question that has been lingering in the minds of many Paraguayans after the controversial death of Vidal Vega, the peasant leader who was a key witness to the investigations of the Curuguaty massacre. Vidal Vega, 48, leader of a landless peasant movement in Paraguay was shot four times on December 1 2012, by bullets from a 12-gauge shotgun and a 38-caliber revolver fired by two unidentified men who sped away on a motorcycle, according to an official report prepared at the police headquarters in the provincial capital of Curuguaty.

Should We Push the Pentagon off the Cliff?

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John McCain and Lindsey Graham campaign to defeat Obama 2012 with fears of Pentagon budget cuts.

You can’t open a newspaper or watch a TV news program anywhere in the U.S. these days without endless speculation about the impending “fiscal cliff” – a combination of automatic spending cuts and tax increases that will occur if Congress and the President don’t come up with a deal to cut the federal budget deficit. The first thing to know is that for the most powerful sectors of U.S. society, there will be no “fiscal cliff” – they are sitting on plenty of cash and can easily weather any short-term reductions in their revenues.

Private Prison Companies Profit Off Laws that Define Immigrants as Criminals

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The U.S. locks up the highest percentage of its population in the world—nearly two and a half million people. Latinos now make up the majority of people sent to federal prison for felony crimes, with sentencing for newly defined immigration felonies like illegal border crossing or aiding in border crossing accounting for the increase. This makes the private prison industry very rich.

Killing the Messenger: Attacks Rise on Women Human Rights Defenders

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Women on the front line of a protest against mining operations in San Jose del Golfo, Guatemala.

Juventina Villa knew her days were numbered. A leader of an environmental organization in the mountains of Guerrero, Mexico, she and other activists have been in the crosshairs of organized crime and government forces for years. With the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence come to an end on Dec. 10, International Human Rights Day, organizations of women throughout the world are calling for more protection for women human rights defenders and justice for those who have been assassinated. In most cases, the crimes against them have not been punished.

Mexico’s presidential inauguration marked by vows and violence

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The official broadcast showed smiling legislators from the Party of the Institutional Revolution (PRI) welcoming the triumphant arrival of the president-elect amid cries of “Enrique, Enrique!” The presidential mantle was passed from one party to the next, the handsome new president delivered a well-polished speech. The official version of the inauguration of Mexico’s 57th president seemed to go off with only minor glitches. But social media and the streets themselves told a different story, as battalions of police faced off with protesters in violent clashes…