Mexican Elections Coverage: Americas Program In the Field

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Current Election Coverage It’s been a whirlwind week for the Americas Program, writing on the Mexican elections before, during and  Continue Reading »

From the “Perfect Dictatorship” to the Imperfect Democracy

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If Mexico’s electoral authorities confirm the preliminary vote, Mexico will have gone from a “perfect dictatorship” to an imperfect democracy,with  Continue Reading »

Observing in Ecatepec–Who’s in Charge Here?

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Apart from its reputation as a dirty, depressive and dangerous suburb, Ecatepec is–with its 2 million inhabitants–the biggest municipality in the State of Mexico and has long been a stronghold of the PRI party (Institutional Revolutionary Party). People tell me it’s a place where ”mapaches” are common – a word literally meaning raccoon but in Mexican electoral jargon referring to those charged with buying votes and political loyalties. All the more a reason for me to do the electoral observations there, I think.

Student Forum in Rosario: From the University to the Territory

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The vitality of the Argentine student movement has transformed into a space for organizing, debate, and the creation of new  Continue Reading »


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Today more than 79 million Mexicans are voting for a new president. The Americas Program is here, writing for you on the process before, during and after citizens cast their votes.

We are all 132! Mexico’s Student Movement for Defense of the Vote

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For Enrique Peña Nieto, the leading candidate in Mexico’s upcoming election, the worst day of his presidential campaign was the day that sparked “#Yo soy 132” (I am number 132), a youth movement for social justice. When the candidate visited Iberoamerican University–a private, Jesuit-run college in Mexico City–last month, a crowd of young people stood up and called him “coward,” “liar,” and “assassin.”

Paraguay’s Political Crisis

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In a surprisingly fast sequence of events, Paraguay’s Senate voted to remove President Fernando Lugo from power pushing the country  Continue Reading »