Paying with our Money and our Future: The Hidden Costs of the Keystone XL Pipeline

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President Obama’s January 18, 2012 rejection of the Keystone XL Pipeline was cheered by environmentalists, who called the decision “a victory over truth and misinformation” and a “brave call.” Despite such celebrations, the battle over Keystone, which has become a real and symbolic battle over oil and its role in global warming, is not over.

Doing Biden’s Bidding

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Vice President Joe Biden landed in Mexico City last night and he’s left little doubt about his mission—to lock in the regional drug war. His visit comes at a time to end prohibitionist laws and the drug war model.

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How to Pay a Debt Past Due

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The famine in the Sierra Tarahumara reveals a problem that goes beyond the current crisis— it demonstrates the structural exploitation of the Rarámuri, O’odam, Warixó and Odame peoples. Facied with an outpouring of solidarity and concern in the local, national and international public, the Governor of Chihuahua, Cesar Duarte, has said recently that both the government and society owe a “historical debt” to the Indian people of Mexico’s largest state.

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