Politics, Sugar Bullets and Mexico’s National Crusade Against Hunger

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On January 21, Enrique Peña Nieto stood poised behind a podium in Las Margaritas, a city seized by the Zapatista National Liberation Army in 1994. Before him, hundreds of wide-brimmed hats shifted in the afternoon sun. He arranged his papers and prepared to address the residents of Chiapas, a state where 78 percent of the population lives in poverty. Flanked by Rosario Robles, Secretary of Social Development, (Sedesol) and a number of local civil servants, Peña Nieto announced the launch of the National Crusade Against Hunger.

“Yes, there was genocide!”: Guatemala´s Ixil Vow to Keep Fighting for Justice

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In the early hours of June 21 hundreds of people gathered in Guatemala City to participate in “The Caravan for the Dignity of the Ixil People and Against Genocide”. Despite a faulty justice system that in the end responded to external pressures instead of adhering to the truth; despite the angry campaign of those who deny genocide, despite the troubling remilitarization of the country, and despite the deeply-ingrained racism and discrimination that exists in Guatemala, May 10 will always be remembered as a day when the truth was told and justice prevailed. The guilty sentence against Rios Montt may have been overturned, but it will never be erased.

Autonomy in Buenos Aires’ Villa 31

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There are no prisons for autonomy. There are no situations that make it impossible. The experience of the Corriente Villera Independiente in Buenos Aires’ Villa 31 demonstrates that even in the most difficult of material conditions, even going against the current, autonomy can be placed at the center of collective community building.

Obama’s Berlin Speech Applies to the Border: Tear Down The Wall!

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The Americas Program made this four-minute video that shows the stark contrast between the images from the U.S.-Mexico border and President Obama’s speech against walls in Berlin.

Protesters’ Demands Expand From Free Fare to Fair Society

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Although the government rescinded the increase in bus fares that sparked the protests, thousands still march in Brazil, demanding social services and an end to police repression and protesting the huge expense of hosting the World Cup.

The Twenty-Cent Revolt

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The price hike in transportation was the crack that revealed deep discontent in Brazilian society. In less than two weeks, the demonstrations multiplied: from 5,000 the first days, to more than a million in a hundred cities. Inequality, the lack of participation and repression are the big issues.

Migrant Deaths and the New Disappeared on the South Texas Border

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Migrant Deaths and the New Disappeared on the South Texas Border

Migrant border deaths are at an all-time high in the state of Texas according to a new report. Over the past two decades thousands of men, women, and children have died attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexico border. Even as the number of migrants crossing the border falls, members of the U.S. Congress are pushing for an increase in border “security”, pouring more and more public money into the very enforcement policies that produce the deaths.