Hell in the Icebox

Escrito por  |  6 / August / 2014

Felipe came to Nogales from northeast Guatemala. He doesn’t speak English. He barely speaks Spanish and struggles to tell his story of fleeing violence in his home town in his native mam. U.S. authorities can find no translator.

Coffee, a crisis about to explode

Escrito por  |  5 / August / 2014
cafe 1

The dual plagues of blight and price fixing are causing the scarcity and high prices of the fragrant bean, but the real problem for communities is the need to grow other foods.

Defending Communication Rights: “We will not remain silent”

Escrito por  |  29 / July / 2014

July 2nd is a historic day for social media in Mexico. A youth group broadcasted live from the meeting of the United Committees of the Mexican Senate., exercising our right to communication, which is currently threatened.

Peru and Colombia: Community self-defense against megaminería

Escrito por  |  25 / July / 2014

When governments facilitate the business of multinationals and leave communities unprotected– as with mining – those communities must defend themselves by their own means, through self-defense organizations, mobilizing affected communities, or creating new ways to prevent being evicted from their own territories.

Violence, Main Motor of Child Migration in El Salvador

Escrito por  |  23 / July / 2014
Niños migrantes deportados de México

Susana (name changed to protect her identity) will have try again to make the journey to the United States with her son Daniel, 16. Both left everything they had in El Salvador to escape because a gang threatened to kill the boy for refusing to be a gang member. 

Forgotten Refugees: Mexico’s Displacement Crisis

Escrito por  |  22 / July / 2014

In recent weeks, the world spotlight has fallen on the drama of Central American refugees crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. Yet little attention has been accorded to the ongoing, forcible population movements within Mexico caused by similar outbreaks of criminal and state violence that are propelling Central Americans north.

Blowback on the Border

Escrito por  |  21 / July / 2014

After three years of relative silence, the U.S. press has finally “discovered” the crisis of tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors piling up on the U.S. border. Although the coverage often began with moving stories of the hardships these young migrants faced, it soon turned ugly. For right-wing pundits and politicians, the “humanitarian crisis” has become a crackdown on kids.