Venezuela on the move: Breaking dependency on oil profits

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Venezuelan society organized in movements to defend territories is the dynamic factor in making change, and in weaving a new kind of social relations.

INVITATION: August 21, “Independent Communication in Social Movement Building”

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The Americas Program invites you to the panel discussion: “Independent communication in Social Movement Building”.

The Price of Immigration Reform is Steep

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Hunger Strike Against Workplace Immigration Enforcement

As the Senate passes its comprehensive immigration reform bill, it’s important to remember that workers and immigrants have never made significant progress in gaining rights in the U.S. without a fight.

On Anniversary of Autonomy, Zapatistas Welcome Students to “the Little School”

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The Zapatista Good Government Boards turned ten and throughout the five Caracols in the state of Chiapas, villages celebrated the gains made over a decade of indigenous autonomy and self-government.

Stand Your Ground, Border Policing and the Mass Production of Corpses of Color

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As Comprehensive Immigration Reform’s fate is uncertain, it’s important to keep the memory of young victims alive.

Migrants and Migrant Rights Organizations Denounce Punitive Reform and Vow to Continue Organizing

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immigrants orgs and reform

Migrant groups have slammed the bill approved in the Senate and vowed to keep organizing for migrant rights and fair reform.

Arizona Border Crosser Death Rate at Record High

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A recent report analyzing the deaths of undocumented border crossers along the Arizona-Mexico border finds that the death rate has soared.