Mexico’s Epidemic of Violence Against Women

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The incidence of violence against women in Mexico has become an epidemic – one that cuts across class and regions. The official numbers hide the real scope of the problem. Many victims never report the crimes, out of fear or shame. And government officials often cover up the violence to avoid the negative image and sometimes to actively protect the guilty. Interview From Mexico spoke with Luz Estrada Mendoza about violence against women and “gender alerts” in the country.

Women Defending Rights and Defying Violence

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An Americas Program slideshow on women’s resistance, organization and hope in Mexico 2014.

Developmentalism and Social Movements in Bolivia

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"The main difficulty is personalization. The ruling party, the Movement for Socialism (MAS, Movimiento al Socialismo), has not consolidated itself, and there is a large concentration of decisions in the Palace, which is a long term weakness," states Martin Sivak. If economic growth is sustained and there are ambitious strategic plans in place, the two weaknesses of the current process of change are in the environment and the autonomy of social movements.

Origins and Disappearance of the Yaqui River

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Rivers like deserts don’t respect international boundaries. The Yaqui River established the natural foundation for the agricultural development in the 20th century of the arid coastal plains of southeastern Sonora. But the Yaqui River was problematic for agricultural investors.

Sonora Launches Controversial Megaprojects in Response to Water Crisis

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Hydraulic megaprojects will keep Sonora “competitive and sustainable” and create a “Nuevo Sonora,” declared Governor Guillermo Padrés at the start of his six-year term (2009-2015). Elsewhere, local and national governments and international institutions are shifting their focus away from megaprojects like dams.

The Illusions of the New Sonora

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Life continues as usual in the plaza at the Jesuit mission in Yaqui town of Pótam

Sonoran Governor Padrés launched a package of water megaprojects, including an aqueduct to transfer water from the Yaqui River to the depleted Sonora River basin, as part of the Sonora SI in 2010. Yaqui opposition to the aqueduct, water contamination and the discovery that the governor had illegally built dams on his family’s ranch has cast a shadow on the governor’s promise of a New Sonora.

Mexican Immigration Authorities Impede Humanitarian Aid to Central American Migrants

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Adrián Rodríguez Garcia and Wilson Castro, who provided food and other aid to migrants in Mexico State were shot to death in their pick-up truck on Nov. 23. A criminal gang for its assaults on migrants in the town of Tequixquiac, north of Mexico City, fired a round of bullets into their truck.