NAFTA Linked to Massive Human Rights Violations in Mexico

Escrito por  |  3 / April / 2014

In a series of preliminary opinions, an international tribunal of conscience has condemned massive violations of human rights in Mexico.

Lessons from the Costa Rican Elections

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papeleta elecciones

The results of the Feb. 2 elections in Costa Rica surprised the left party, leaving it out of what is now a one-candidate run-off election. We talked to Maria Florez-Estrada of the Broad Front about what happened and what to expect.

On Mexican Isthmus, Indigenous Communities Oppose Massive Energy Projects

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Asamblea de juchitan

Giant wind energy projects in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec have endangered sacred sites and the way of life of local indigenous people. They are organizing to fight back.

Mexican Peace Activist Says Focus Must Be More on Justice than Peace

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Pietro Ameglio, a founding member of the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity, examines the performance of its first three years, focusing on the need to articulate goals and ideals while empowering other organizations and groups.

Brazil’s World Cup Security Turns Repressive

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The fear that mass demonstrations could take place during the World Cup – like those during the Confederations Cup last June – is leading the government to militarize against the protests, with incredibly repressive strategies. And half of the Brazilian population rejects the Cup.

“Women Have a Right to Defend Themselves”, Says Rape Victim Facing Criminal Prosecution in Mexico

Escrito por  |  23 / March / 2014

Yakiri, a victim of sexual assault, discusses discrimination in Mexico’s criminal justice system after being released from prison. She still faces charges even though the killing of her would-be rapist was ruled an act of self-defense.

In Southeastern U.S., Poultry and Migration Booms Change the Face of Rural America

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As supply chains are integrated, families are fractured. Governments herald the economic integration while dismissing as irrelevant the human impact. One industry – poultry production – demonstrates the social costs of “free trade”.