Migrants and Migrant Rights Organizations Denounce Punitive Reform and Vow to Continue Organizing

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immigrants orgs and reform

Migrant groups have slammed the bill approved in the Senate and vowed to keep organizing for migrant rights and fair reform.

Arizona Border Crosser Death Rate at Record High

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A recent report analyzing the deaths of undocumented border crossers along the Arizona-Mexico border finds that the death rate has soared.

‘Til Debt do us Part’-Mexico Financial Reforms

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Financial Rerom. Mexico 2013

Critics argue that Mexico’s financial reforms could increase consumer debt and repossessions in Mexico, and lead to more publicly funded bailouts of foreign-owned banks.

Leahy Freeze on Mexico Drug War Funds Will Save Lives and Money

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Senator Patrick Leahy, chair of the Appropriations Committee, blocked release of $95 million dollars in funding for the Merida Initiative, citing the lack of a clear strategy on the part of the U.S. State Department and the Mexican government.

Huichol indigenous People and Desert Dwellers Unite in Defense of Sacred Land

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Mining companies are telling landowners in the desert region of central mexico that the Huichol indigenous people want to take their land. They want to stir up a confrontation between the desert population and the tribe and to convince the population of the “benefits” of the mines.

Denver-based Mining Company Retreats from Oaxaca

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Denver-based mining company retreats from Oaxaca

Denver, Colorado-based Sunshine Silver Mines Corp. is the owner of a mining project that had its machines returned by local authorities in the village of Magdalena Teitipac last month. Media reports and news releases previously misidentified the parent company of the local subsidiary Minera Plata Real as a Canadian company, Linear Gold.

Mexico’s Guilt by Omission

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As the Comprehensive Immigration Reform advances in the U.S. Senate, repressive policies against migrants who pass through Mexico have become more pronounced and represent a huge step backwards.