Climate Change Cause and Effect, An Americas Perspective

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"We, the human race, have substantially altered the earth’s atmosphere. In 2005, the concentration of carbon dioxide exceeded the natural  Continue Reading »

Cuba Changes, U.S. Policy Stagnates

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Change and continuity are the two words that best describe Cuba and its relations with the United States. After nearly  Continue Reading »

Mexico’s Street Brigade: Sex, Revolution, and Social Change

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The alliance between Zapatistas, sex workers, and transvestites shows the power of social change in a key cultural way—when it’s  Continue Reading »

Salsipuedes: Challenges for Ecotourism in Mexico’s Baja California

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In the construction of a framework for forging a socially acceptable and politically viable style of growth that respects natural  Continue Reading »

Support Americas, NAFTA, Uribe’s Impatience, Wall St. & Immigration, Argentina’s Elected Family, Indian Borderlands, Brazilians Want Mine Back

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Dear Friends, Welcome to the latest Americas Updater. Take a moment to check out our latest articles. Adam Isacson writes  Continue Reading »

Wall Street and Immigration: Financial Services Giants Have Profited from the Beginning

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Life began to get hard for most Americans beginning in the late 1990s due to increased family debt. During the  Continue Reading »

Negotiations for Colombian Hostage Release Deserved More Time

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With President Uribe’s decision to cut off a negotiations process led by Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez, hope that the FARC guerrillas  Continue Reading »