The Persistent Confusion Between Growth and Development

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Once again Latin America is confusing development with economic growth, and economic growth with increased investments and exports. These same  Continue Reading »

Guatemala’s Kafta-esque Year

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CAFTA went into effect a year ago in Guatemala and a number of regrettable things have happened since. To mention  Continue Reading »

Uruguay’s “Urban Landless” Fight for Housing Cooperatives

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Following almost four decades of struggle for urban land to build their houses, mutual-aid housing cooperatives confront the progressive government  Continue Reading »

Creating the Bases for a New World

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The largest social movement on the continent, and one of the most important in the world, held its 5th Congress  Continue Reading »

“NAFTA-Plus,” Migration, and the Future of North America

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This August 20th and 21st, President George Bush and Mexican President Felipe Calderón will travel to the remote Canadian resort  Continue Reading »

South American Arms, Argentina Trial, Agrofuels, CAFTA

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This Week in the Americas Via Campesina Sets an International AgendaBy Laura Carlsen As globalization dictates that Big is Powerful  Continue Reading »

Thinking Outside the Box about Trade, Development, and Poverty Reduction

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Editor’s Note: A longer version of this article was originally published in "International Politics and Society, 3" (2006), 134-66. All  Continue Reading »