Chile’s Mapuche People Struggle to Defend Land and Culture

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The Mapuche people, history, culture, and struggles have long been blanketed in silence. The few news items from southern Chile  Continue Reading »

Americas Program moves to CIP, Bad Immigration Bill, Bank of the South, Zoellick to the WB, Venezuela RCTV

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Americas Program moves to the Center for International Policy Dear IRC Friends and Supporters, After nearly three decades of working  Continue Reading »

Bank of the South: Toward Financial Autonomy

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The launch of the Bank of the South is an ambitious and strategic gambit in regional integration, one that could  Continue Reading »

RCTV in Venezuela: The Power of the Media and Freedom of Expression

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When there’s a confession, you need no proof. On April 11, 2002—just a few days after the failed coup d’état  Continue Reading »

Brazilian Government Moves to Dam Principal Amazon Tributary

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In recent weeks, the Brazilian government has turned to the difficult task of building giant hydroelectric dams in the Amazon  Continue Reading »

Senate Bill a Step Backwards for Immigrant Rights

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As I write this article, the U.S. Senate is engaged in a major policy debate about how to reform the  Continue Reading »

Madeira IIRSA Project, Syngenta in Brazil, Argentina Media, NAFTA-Plus

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This Week in the Americas "Deep Integration"—the Anti-Democratic Expansion of NAFTABy Laura Carlsen The North American Free Trade Agreement is  Continue Reading »