Argentina Versus the World Bank: Fair Play or Fixed Fight?

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Perspectives on the ICSID and Argentina’s Debt "Some multinational companies take over our natural resources, privatize basic services, fail to  Continue Reading »

Haitian Food Riots Unnerving But Not Surprising

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Beginning early April, Haiti was gripped by a nation-wide mobilization to protest high food prices, reaching a crescendo on Thursday  Continue Reading »

Conflict made in the USA?

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Laura Carlsen, Raúl Zibechi, John Lindsay-Poland, and Adam Isacson analyze the U.S. role in the recent South American tensions and  Continue Reading »

The Real Crisis of Argentina’s Agricultural Sector

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On Mar. 11, 2008, the Argentine government established an increase in retentions on soy exports, raising the figure from 33%  Continue Reading »

Dissecting the North American Summit Joint Statement: Bush’s Last Stand

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On April 22, Presidents George W. Bush, Felipe Calderón, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper concluded a trilateral summit in New  Continue Reading »

Time to Renegotiate NAFTA, Not Expand It

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When President Bush meets his counterparts Felipe Calderon of Mexico and Stephen Harper of Canada in New Orleans this week  Continue Reading »

Trade and Security in Latin America, Border Land Battle, NAFTA Winners and Losers

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New from the Americas Policy Program U.S.-Latin America: The Intersection of Trade and Security By Laura Carlsen There has never  Continue Reading »