Hope for 2008, Truth about Immigration, UN in Haiti, Peru, Indigenous people in the United States

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New from the Americas Policy Program 2008: Latin America’s Hope and ChallengeBy Laura Carlsen Latin America faces three big challenges  Continue Reading »

UN Troops Accused of Human Rights Violations in Haiti

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The UN Security Council decided in October 2007 to extend the mandate of the MINUSTAH (United Nations Stabilization Mission in  Continue Reading »

Lima’s Community Kitchens: Combating Hunger and Loneliness

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In Lima alone, community kitchens provide food for half a million people daily. Over 100,000 women work in the local  Continue Reading »

Why Bolivia Matters, Apaches Rise to Defend Homelands, Losing the War of Ideas, NAFTA and the Tortilla Crisis

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This Week in the Americas Why Bolivia MattersBy Laura Carlsen Bolivia today is an open laboratory. It might seem an  Continue Reading »

Fourteen Years of NAFTA and the Tortilla Crisis

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In January 2008, agricultural trade between Mexico, the United States, and Canada will become completely free, with the end of  Continue Reading »

Standing up to NAFTA, Cuba, Climate Change in Latin America, The War on Immigrants

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Standing Up to NAFTABy Laura Carlsen As the final phase of implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)  Continue Reading »

Climate Change Cause and Effect, An Americas Perspective

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"We, the human race, have substantially altered the earth’s atmosphere. In 2005, the concentration of carbon dioxide exceeded the natural  Continue Reading »