Resources on Plan Mexico (Merida Initiative)

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(This page is currently being updated)   The Merida Initiative has provided some $1.6 billion dollars so far to U.S. defense  Continue Reading »

Andean Crisis Shows Continental Rifts

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Dear readers, This Updater takes a close look at the recent crisis in the Andean region and its fall-out. When  Continue Reading »

The Specious “National Security” Argument

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In the past week the Bush administration has unearthed a "national security" justification for passage of the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade  Continue Reading »

Energy Integration and Security in Latin America and the Caribbean

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The integration of energy markets in Latin America has been discussed for more than three decades. An expression of it  Continue Reading »

Military Crisis in South America: The Results of Plan Colombia

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The military operative executed by Colombian soldiers on Ecuadorian soil to kill the FARC commander Raul Reyes is part of  Continue Reading »

The Andean Crisis and the Geopolitics of Trade

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Day One: The Colombian military and police forces launched an attack on an encampment of the Colombian guerrilla group Fuerzas  Continue Reading »

Where the Sidewalk Ends: Urbanization in Latin America

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Many large Latin American cities seem to border at times on social explosion, and several have erupted over the past  Continue Reading »