Mexico’s Forests and Border Fence, Trade and Growth, Paraguay

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This Week in the Americas Plan Mexico and the Billion-Dollar Drug DealBy Laura Carlsen U.S. drug czar John Walters heaped  Continue Reading »

Multinationals and the “Maquila Mindset” in Mexico’s Silicon Valley

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From the Mexican vantage point, foreign direct investment was at the center of the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement  Continue Reading »

Bios of Staff and Volunteers

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Staff Tom Barry, Senior Policy Analyst and Americas Policy Program Fellow: As senior policy analyst, Tom Barry participates in assigning,  Continue Reading »

Arizona Border Fence Environmental Impact Questioned

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With over a billion dollars in "border security funds" allocated by Congress, private companies are carrying out the biggest hoax  Continue Reading »

CAFTA in Costa Rica Would Cause Deepening Inequality

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In Costa Rica the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) with the United States ran up against a huge opposition  Continue Reading »

Paraguay’s Hour of Change

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April 2008 brings presidential elections for Paraguay. For the first time in 60 years the Red Party may find itself  Continue Reading »

The Inevitable Decline of the American Empire

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In the course of his visit to the Southern Cone of South America, the American sociologist Immanuel Wallerstein spoke on  Continue Reading »