“We Are Workers, Not Criminals”

Escrito por  |  5 / May / 2008

In the big immigrant marches that swept the country on May Day in 2006 and 2007, one sign said it  Continue Reading »

Juarez Mothers Demand Justice for their Murdered Daughters

Escrito por  |  2 / May / 2008

Family members of women murdered in Ciudad Juarez protest in front of the Mexican Office on Crimes Against Women. No  Continue Reading »

Synthetic Biology’s Role in Agrofuels

Escrito por  |  29 / April / 2008

The debate on next-generation agrofuels could be transformed by the new field of synthetic biology. Also known as synbio, synthetic  Continue Reading »

Losing the Forest for the Trees: Tree Monocultures and the Biofuel Boom

Escrito por  |  29 / April / 2008

Using trees for fuel as part of the agrofuels boom means cultivation of massive monoculture tree plantations. They are already  Continue Reading »

Next-Generation Biofuels

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First-generation biofuels like ethanol and biodiesel debuted on the world stage as the solution to the fossil fuel trap. Soon  Continue Reading »

North American Summit and NAFTA, Haitian Food Riots, Biotech Bets on Agrofuels, Argentina’s Agricultural Crisis

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New from the Americas Policy Program Dissecting the North American Summit Joint Statement: Bush’s Last Stand By Laura Carlsen On  Continue Reading »

Argentina Versus the World Bank: Fair Play or Fixed Fight?

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Perspectives on the ICSID and Argentina’s Debt "Some multinational companies take over our natural resources, privatize basic services, fail to  Continue Reading »