Welcome Home Raymundo Pacheco

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It’s time for the Mexican government to take some responsibility for the immigration crisis. Now that more Mexicans are failing  Continue Reading »

We’re live! Audio Americas

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Laura Carlsen appeared on Democracy Now! discussing the human rights implications and Security and Prosperity Partnership in relation to Plan  Continue Reading »

TransBorder Project

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To Speak and Be Heard: Making Rights a Reality in the 2006 Oaxaca Social Movement

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How people imagine themselves as citizens has increasingly been influenced by global rights discourses. This chapter explores acts of testimony  Continue Reading »

Notes on the Conjuncture: Mexico, 2008

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Since the debt crisis of the early 1980s, Mexico has lived through the slow disintegration of the corporate state created  Continue Reading »

Convergences and Complicities: Local-National Interactions in the 2006 Movement of the APPO

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It often seems easy to draw parallels and links between disparate social and political events or movements characterizing today’s Mexico.  Continue Reading »

Oaxaca: After the Barricades

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Without a commitment to democracy and human rights, national economic development and hemispheric integration will fall short and not be  Continue Reading »