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Taking Away the Ladder: China and the Competitiveness of Mexican Exports

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Cambridge University economist Ha Joon Chang has pointed out that developed countries are "kicking away the ladder" of development policies  Continue Reading »

Armoring NAFTA: The Battleground for Mexico’s Future

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In March 2005, the leaders of the three NAFTA countries, U.S. president George W. Bush, Mexican president Vicente Fox, and Canadian prime minister Paul Martin met in Waco, Texas, and launched a regional defense-based initiative called the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP). The initiative, heralded as the next step in regional integration within the “NAFTA Plus” agenda, is described on its Web site (www.spp.gov) as “a White House–led initiative among the United States and the two nations it borders—Canada and Mexico—to increase security and to enhance prosperity among the three countries through greater cooperation.” The official description of the SPP adds that it is “based on the principle that our prosperity is dependent on our security.”

Obama, Latin America, and FDR

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To frame his proposed Latin America policy, Barack Obama is using the "Four Freedoms" vision of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, which  Continue Reading »

“Acapulco-ization”: The Final Stage of Tourism?

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Acapulco’s old Costera tourist drag projects a surprising new vibrancy. Glitzy bars and restaurants, gaming establishments, and retail outlets splash  Continue Reading »

A Partial Debate On a Partial Plan

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Argentina finds itself embroiled in a deep political crisis, a contrast to the best economic situation it has been in  Continue Reading »

Mexican Environmental Journalists Improve Coverage

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Note to our readers: The Americas Policy Program is pleased to announce the launch of a new series of Citizen  Continue Reading »