Trade and Economic Integration

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ARTICLE INDEX   Trade and Economic Integration The rapid integration of nations into the global economy is the hallmark of  Continue Reading »

Agrofuels, Uruguay’s Landless, Goldman Winner Interview

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This Week in the Americas The Agrofuels TrapBy Laura Carlsen Agrofuel development has arrived on the global stage. Just this  Continue Reading »

Mexico’s Prophets of Climate Change: Women Forest Defenders

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Celsa Baldovinos knew there was a serious problem when only about an inch of water trickled from the irrigation hose.  Continue Reading »

An Interview with Julio Cusurichi

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The Initiative for the Regional Integration of Infrastructure in South America (IIRSA) is the latest in a series of disastrous  Continue Reading »

Biofuels and Small Farmers

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The biofuels boom is not just another trend or a passing fashion. It is the result of a new global  Continue Reading »

Extending NAFTA, Venezuela, MST Congress, CAFTA

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This Week in the Americas Extending NAFTA’s ReachBy Laura Carlsen Faced with opposition from the left and the right, George  Continue Reading »

The Persistent Confusion Between Growth and Development

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Once again Latin America is confusing development with economic growth, and economic growth with increased investments and exports. These same  Continue Reading »