Obama, Latin America, and FDR

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To frame his proposed Latin America policy, Barack Obama is using the "Four Freedoms" vision of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, which  Continue Reading »

“Acapulco-ization”: The Final Stage of Tourism?

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Acapulco’s old Costera tourist drag projects a surprising new vibrancy. Glitzy bars and restaurants, gaming establishments, and retail outlets splash  Continue Reading »

A Partial Debate On a Partial Plan

Escrito por  |  23 / August / 2008

Argentina finds itself embroiled in a deep political crisis, a contrast to the best economic situation it has been in  Continue Reading »

Mexican Environmental Journalists Improve Coverage

Escrito por  |  22 / August / 2008

Note to our readers: The Americas Policy Program is pleased to announce the launch of a new series of Citizen  Continue Reading »

Obama’s Latin America Policy, Bolivia’s Referendum, Regional Financial Institutions

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Note to our readers: I’ll be in Denver to cover the Democratic National Convention next week. As many reporters abroad  Continue Reading »

Democracy and Conflict: Bolivia’s Constituent Assembly, Federal Government and Departmental Autonomy Statutes

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Popular mobilization since 2000 has opened up the possibility of political and social change in Bolivia, based on a political  Continue Reading »

What did Bolivian Society Say Through the Recall Referendum?

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Last Aug. 10, Bolivia finally voted in the recall referendum that had held the country in commotion for at least  Continue Reading »