Damming Patagonia’s Rivers: A Dirty Energy Business

Escrito por  |  22 / May / 2008

The Pascua River, in Chilean Patagonia, has many qualities that have kept its stunning, rugged beauty intact and virtually unknown—so  Continue Reading »

Behind Latin America’s Food Crisis

Escrito por  |  19 / May / 2008

Even a year ago, few people would have predicted that a global food crisis would make headlines as one of  Continue Reading »

Mexico’s Battle Over Oil

Escrito por  |  16 / May / 2008

On April 8, President Felipe Calderon dropped a political bomb on the Mexican political scene. The Senate received an executive  Continue Reading »

Paying the Price of the Immigration Crackdown

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Are Americans willing to pay for the intensifying crackdown on immigrants? The Bush administration and Congress are fueling an increasingly  Continue Reading »

Plan Mexico, Agrofuels, Femicides and Human Rights in Ciudad Juarez, Argentina versus the World Bank

Escrito por  |  13 / May / 2008

New from the Americas Policy Program A Primer on Plan Mexico By Laura Carlsen To begin a public debate on  Continue Reading »

Drug Trafficking, Violence, and Repression

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FIRST ACT: Fiction vs. Reality Fiction: In the film No Country for Old Men (Cohen Brothers, 2007), evil, as represented  Continue Reading »

A Primer on Plan Mexico

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On June 30, President George W. Bush signed into law the “Merida Initiative”—better known as Plan Mexico—just days after it passed Congress as part of the Iraq supplemental funding bill. The measure had to go through several versions before finally being approved by both houses, as legislators went back and forth with the Bush administration and Mexico President Felipe Calderón’s government over human rights conditions.