Haitian Massacre Victims Win Historic Victories in U.S. Courts

Escrito por  |  19 / June / 2008

On May 16, a group of massacre survivors from one of Haiti’s poorest neighborhoods gave the world a lesson in  Continue Reading »

The Immigrant Bed Bureaucracy

Escrito por  |  11 / June / 2008

The Bush administration’s massive detention and imprisonment of immigrants has created a multi-billion dollar Gulag for immigrants deemed "removable" by  Continue Reading »

Globalization, Immigration series, Colombia’s indigenous war, Foreign Investment, 1968 revisited

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This Week in the Americas No Rest for the Working Poor By Laura Carlsen Globalization continues to break down its  Continue Reading »

When More Is Less: The Limited Impact of Foreign Investment in the Americas

Escrito por  |  11 / June / 2008

A comprehensive review of the impact of foreign investment liberalization in Latin America shows that, with some exceptions, foreign investment  Continue Reading »

Homeland Security’s Enemy Next Door

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What began as a war on terrorists has become a war on immigrants. The Department of Homeland Security says that  Continue Reading »

Colombia: Indigenous Self Defense in Times of War

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The Cordillera Central is one of the prime regions torn by the war between the Colombian military and the FARC  Continue Reading »

The Revolution of 1968: When Those from Below Said Enough!

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"There have only been two world revolutions. One took place in 1848, the second took place in 1968. Both were  Continue Reading »