The Soybean Crop in Uruguay: The Creation of a Power Block

Escrito por  |  8 / July / 2008

In Uruguay, as in all other countries in the region, the expansion of single-crop agriculture (monoculture) combined with the powerful  Continue Reading »

U.S. Lawmakers Approve Mexico Military Aid as Human Rights Complaints Mount

Escrito por  |  3 / July / 2008

More than three months after the Mexican army kicked off "Operation Chihuahua Together" against drug trafficking organizations in Ciudad Juarez  Continue Reading »

North America Doesn’t Exist

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About every six months or so, the media provide a fleeting show of North American unity. Whether on the shores  Continue Reading »

NAFTA, Border Lines Blog, Haiti, Brazil’s Xingu River

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This Week in the Americas NAFTA and the Elephant in the Room By Laura Carlsen It’s rare for the junior  Continue Reading »

UNASUR and the Challenge of Being South American

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It’s probable that the political and economic integration of South America will still be a distant dream after 11 presidents  Continue Reading »

NAFTA and the Elephant in the Room

Escrito por  |  27 / June / 2008

It’s rare for the junior partners of NAFTA—Mexico and Canada—to have a chance to sit down and discuss regional integration  Continue Reading »

Maquilas Symptom of Mexico’s Dependent Development

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There’s nothing wrong with seeking to spur national development through increased integration with the global economy. More than most developing  Continue Reading »