Caracol #3: La Garrucha

Escrito por  |  15 / December / 2008

Communication technology has arrived in the Lacandona jungle. The Internet café, Cyber-Pozol, is the only public Internet in the Patiwitz Canyon, or for that matter in all of the territories in resistance. In the café cooperative Smaliyel you can also find Zapatista music, videos, bandanas, handicrafts, sweets, gasoline, and food for sale.

Caracol #2: Oventic

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It’s midsummer and the dawns and sunsets in Oventic are accompanied by a cold mist that shrouds the Caracol of Los Altos, home of the Tzotzil Zapatistas. This is a rebel region, a place of poverty and extreme marginalization, and also the Zapatista territory most visited by people from all over the world. In the first year of autonomous self-government, 4,458 visitors came here from across the globe.

Caracol #1: La Realidad

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The Caracol founded in La Realidad—the first autonomous center built by the Zapatistas—is still celebrating its first anniversary. The rains have flooded the land, mud has washed out the roads, the maize has been harvested, and the indigenous people have doubled their stores of maize seed. Maybe there isn’t less hunger than before, the situation is still difficult in these jungle lands, but a journey through the region today shows something that didn’t exist 10 years ago when we reporters first entered this territory.

Can G7 + G20 = Recovery?

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When the G7 finance ministers returned home following the Oct. 13 weekend meeting of the International Monetary and Finance Committee,  Continue Reading »

Mexico’s Human Rights at Home, WTO Revived?, Prison Profits, Colombia Social Struggles, UNASUR

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This Week in the Americas Mexico’s Immigration Problem Also a "Red Flag" at Home By Laura Carlsen Illegal immigration is  Continue Reading »

Colombia: Social Conflict Replaces Warfare

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Social conflict has overtaken the center of the political stage, displacing President Alvaro Uribe, who merely repeats the script that  Continue Reading »

UNASUR Puts Out its First Fire in Bolivia: Brazil Makes the Difference

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Brazil’s active intervention to de-escalate the Bolivian conflict went beyond rhetoric and statements, showcasing its diplomatic style and the goals  Continue Reading »