House and Senate Pass New Military Aid to Mexico

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Poor Mexico has suffered a series of hard blows lately. From elections that left a bitterly divided populace, to a  Continue Reading »

May Biodiversity Report from the Americas Program

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1. Mexico: Swine Flu and Industrial Farm Animal Production 2. New Report on Agrofuels 3. No to Monoculture Forests 4.  Continue Reading »

Swine Flu: Health, Agriculture, and Trade Implications; Immigration and the Wars on Crime and Drugs; Bolivia’s Plan 3000; Impunity in Atenco; Mexican Human Rights Groups against Military Aid

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This Week in the Americas Dear Readers, It has been a strange couple of weeks here in Mexico City. Finally  Continue Reading »

Criminal Alien Funding and the Immigrant-Based Criminal Justice Complex

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There is no good financial justification for the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP). Yet the Obama administration, which says  Continue Reading »

Fighting the Drug War at Homeland Security

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Apprehensions of illegal immigrants by the Border Patrol have been dropping precipitously over the past couple of years, but Border  Continue Reading »

Swine Flu Reveals Flaws in Global Public Health System

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The governor of the Mexican state of Veracruz has called for an independent investigation into the operations of Carroll Farms,  Continue Reading »

"War on Crime" Targets Immigrants

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Immigrants have reenergized the flagging "war on crime." Charges against immigrants are clogging federal courts, and new prisons and detention  Continue Reading »