New Military Aid to Mexico; New U.S. Base Proposed in Colombia; Restoring the Immigration System; Enforcement First Policy; May Biodiversity Report; Banker Involved in MST Shooting

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Dear friends, This has been a busy week. I was very pleased to attend the 20th anniversary of the Coalition  Continue Reading »

Popular Communication in the MST

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Along with the United States and Argentina, Brazil is now one of the strongest bastions of agribusiness on a global  Continue Reading »

Conspiracy, Assassination, and Separatism in Bolivia

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At the time, the Bolivian political opposition was again using underhanded arguments to block a government initiative. The debate revolved  Continue Reading »

Obama’s Cartel Trust Busters

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On a whirl-wind tour of the Southwest late last week, senior members of the Obama administration laid out the White  Continue Reading »

South American Trade and Currency Volatility

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Latin America has of some of the world’s largest countries, in terms of land area, but the continent has no  Continue Reading »

Radio Ñomndaa, The Word of the Water

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Radio Ñomndaa, The Word of the Water in English, is an indigenous community radio station in the Mexican state of  Continue Reading »

Argentina’s Community Media Fights for Access and Legal Reform

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In response to misinformation and lack of access in the mass media, citizens have created alternative media networks that play  Continue Reading »