Time to Rethink Free Trade Agreements with the United States

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An economic crisis is no time to tie the hands of government in the economy. It is time to rethink  Continue Reading »

Renegotiate NAFTA, WTO Mistakes, Zapatista Autonomy, Global Crisis

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This Week in the Americas Obama Reaffirms Promise to Renegotiate NAFTA By Laura Carlsen The courtesy call between President-elect Barack  Continue Reading »

Obama Reaffirms Promise to Renegotiate NAFTA

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The courtesy call between President-elect Barack Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderon turned out to be a little more revealing  Continue Reading »

WTO: Staying the Course in the Face of Mistakes

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The government of the United States chose 20 countries (G20) to discuss common policies in the face of the financial  Continue Reading »

A Few Bad Apples … Or a Rotten System?

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Editor’s Note: This review responds to an earlier review of Illegal People: How Globalization Creates Migration and Criminalizes Immigrants (Beacon  Continue Reading »

Caracol #5: Roberto Barrios

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In the center of the Caracol, two gangs of nine howler monkeys fight over territory. This spectacle attracts the attention of the members of the Good Government Board (GGB), “Nueva semilla que va a producir” (“A New Seed that will Grow”). Also out to watch the show are peace campers from Argentina, Barcelona, and France; the team of indigenous people charged with the autonomous communications project; and a group from the United States that is building the Zapatista secondary school.

Caracol #4: Morelia

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A tree-fringed river cuts through the fourth Zapatista Caracol, in the ejido of Morelia, in Altamirano. It is the Tzotz Choj region (“brave tiger” in Tzeltzal)—a zone of cattle ranchers and paramilitaries, the place where the federal army raped an indigenous woman and tortured and killed three EZLN militants in 1994.