“Practice First, Then Theory:” The Zapatista Little School Shares Lessons Learned During 19 Years of Self-Governance

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The Little School is not a resurgence. Zapatistas have been too busy, working hard to advance their autonomy. They enthusiastically answered every single question during my homestay.

The art of building a new world: Freedom according to the Zapatistas

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Ferrari 1. El arte de construir un mundo nuevo. La libertad según los zapatistas

Zapatista Little School was a wonderful experience of savoring the daily lives of people who are building a new world. Away from the media, they have deepened their autonomous construction. It can now be spoken of a society governed by rules, codes, and laws distinct from those of the mainstream world.

Two Anniversaries; Two Futures: NAFTA and the Zapatistas

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The two events that shook Mexico and the world on January 1, 1994 seemed to have little to do with each other. The first had been carefully planned, laid out over two years by some of the wealthiest and most powerful men on the continent. On that day, the historic North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) became the law of the land, setting in motion a series of foreseen and unforeseen changes throughout the country.