Migrant Shelter Sees Growing Number of Minors Heading North

Escrito por  |  9 / April / 2014

Increasingly, children are found among the thousands of Central American migrants traversing Mexico in hopes of making it into the United States. Although shelters take them in, current immigration policy and practices are not equipped to protect their rights.

NAFTA Linked to Massive Human Rights Violations in Mexico

Escrito por  |  3 / April / 2014

In a series of preliminary opinions, an international tribunal of conscience has condemned massive violations of human rights in Mexico.

On Mexican Isthmus, Indigenous Communities Oppose Massive Energy Projects

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Asamblea de juchitan

Giant wind energy projects in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec have endangered sacred sites and the way of life of local indigenous people. They are organizing to fight back.

Mexican Peace Activist Says Focus Must Be More on Justice than Peace

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Pietro Ameglio, a founding member of the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity, examines the performance of its first three years, focusing on the need to articulate goals and ideals while empowering other organizations and groups.

Violence Against Women in Mexico and Central America and the Impact of U.S. Policy

Escrito por  |  9 / March / 2014

When violence is attacked with violence, women become both victims and defenders. They are disproportionately and differently affected by violence, violation of human rights and the erosion of community. Yet Mesoamerican and the U.S. governments continue to fund militarist enforcement policies framed as counternarcotics or anti-terrorism that arm and train men to patrol and control the population that put women at great risk.

In Mexico, Hate Continues to Kill Women

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Twenty years since the alarm was first sounded in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua due the large number of women murdered with signs of torture and sexual abuse, the phenomenon has spread to the rest of the country.

Midwives, givers of life in rural communities, in danger of disappearing

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Nahua community midwives in the Huasteca region of the state of Hidalgo play a fundamental role in the communities’ world view, since they guide a child’s beginnings and communal values The practices of the official health institutions are putting them at risk.