“This is Just Beginning”

Escrito por  |  21 / September / 2015

The corruption that was revealed has been known for decades and has deepened over the last few governments. But what had to come together for a change of this magnitude to occur?

U.S. Congress Members Oppose Security Assistance to Honduras

Escrito por  |  8 / September / 2015

Members of the US Congress have once again called on the Obama administration to stop funding Honduras’ security forces due to massive human rights violations. Will Kerry listen?

El Salvador Declares Gang Members Terrorists, and Violence Continues

Escrito por  |  7 / September / 2015
Colutepeque gang members. Members of Barrio 18 currently imprisoned in the Cojutepeque medium security-prison, before being transported to a maximum-security prison.

The Salvadoran state has closed off all possibility of any kind of negotiation with the gangs. The constitutional court’s August ruling, which stated that gang members will be considered as terrorists under Salvadoran law, will also affect the thousands of people who work with the gangs, all the way from family members to taxi drivers.

Guatemala: A Post-Conflict Society

Escrito por  |  25 / August / 2015

No one can understand Guatemalan society without looking at the consequences of state orchestrated oppression. These consequences include women being treated as spoils of war. The Report on the Recuperation of Historical Memory and other documents, like the ones produced by Jesuit anthropologist Ricardo Falla, document the violations of women’s human rights.

CAFTA’s Decade of Empty Promises Haunts the TPP

Escrito por  |  5 / August / 2015

Ten years ago, after a flurry of backroom deal-making, Congress passed the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). In the dead of night. By a single vote.

7 Reasons to Scrap the $1 Billion Aid Package to Central America

Escrito por  |  30 / June / 2015

We are a group of social scientists with decades of research experience with the very populations targeted in Biden’s plan. We are painfully aware that Central America’s rural and urban poor need support. But Biden’s package is guaranteed to deepen—not alleviate—the problems faced by Central America’s poor majority.

Crackdown on Kids

Escrito por  |  31 / March / 2015

Less than a year after the crisis of unaccompanied minors arriving in the United States, Washington has come up with its policy response to the children’s plight. Unfortunately, while purporting to address the root causes of migration, it mirrors — and in many ways intensifies — the causes that forced so many to flee.