US Refugee Crisis Raises Grave Human Rights Concerns

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Since the surge of unaccompanied minors on the US border in 2014, numbers of Central American migrants have not decreased overall, as both the US and Mexico carry out mass deportations. International and U.S. legal protections and procedures for refugees guarantee basic rights and safety for asylum-seekers. Are these requirements being met?

El Salvador Ex-President Accused of Stealing $15 Million Awaits Trial At Home

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paco I

Flores is accused of stealing $15 million donated by the Taiwanese government for the victims of the earthquake that struck the country in 2001. The trial will determine if he is guilty or not of the three charges he faces.

18 Former Guatemalan Military Officers Arrested for Crimes Against Humanity

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Guatemalan authorities have arrested at least 18 high-ranking Guatemalan military officers yesterday on charges of crimes against humanity and forced disappearance

Bishop of San Salvador Suspended for Sexual Abuse

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Jesús Delgado next to the Archbishop Vincenzo Plagia, during the events leading up to  the beatification of Óscar Romero.

Bishop Jesús Delgado, third in line from the Archbishop of El Salvador and the leader of the effort to canonize the martyr Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero, has been suspended from all his functions in the Catholic Church after confessing to having sexually abused a nine-year-old girl.

Former Salvadoran Soldiers Working as Mercenaries in Yemen

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Salvadoran armed forces in Mali.

The fact that Salvadorans form part of the mercenary armies operating in Yemen is an open secret. A military intelligence source from the Salvadoran Ministry of Defense, speaking on the condition of anonymity, confirmed to the Americas Program that there are 100 Salvadorans carrying out operations of that type in Yemen.

New Laws Seek to Limit Mining in El Salvador

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Since 2014, organized farmers from several municipalities of the department of Chalatenango, located in the north of the country, have expressed their full rejection to a mining operation in the area. In November this struggle has represented an important precedent and has compelled the local government to start the process of passing a municipal law that will prohibit companies from exploiting gold and other metals from the mountains.

CIA Asked to Release Documents Related to Massacre in El Salvador

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Photo by Philippe Bourgois, an anthropologist conducting research in El Salvador who survived the slaughter.

The wounds of war have still not healed in El Salvador. Twenty-three years after the peace treaty, victims of the armed conflict are still waiting for justice and looking for their missing loved ones.