School of Americas Watch: Vigil to Close the SOA 2011

Escrito por  |  4 / January / 2012

The November vigil to close the School of the Americas (SOA), that U.S. Army training school at Ft. Benning that instructs soldiers and military personnel from Latin American countries,, brought together hundreds of anti-militarization activists from around the hemisphere.

Military Maneuvers in the Country Without an Army

Escrito por  |  4 / January / 2012

Costa Rica abolished its army in 1948 and recognizes a constitutional right to peace. But recent decisions to militarize the police and allow U.S. military presence and training in the country violate the constitution and threat the commitment to peace.

U.S. and Latin America Should Support Prosecution of Haiti’s Duvalier

Escrito por  |  3 / January / 2012

One of the last century’s most notorious despots, Jean-Claude Duvalier, has returned to Haiti after 25 years in exile. The most effective way for the United States and the MINUSTAH-contributing countries of Latin America to help Haiti would be to provide the support it needs to hold accountable those who flagrantly and violently abuse power at the great expense of the Haitian population.

Zapatistas: 18 Years of Rebellion and Resistance

Escrito por  |  3 / January / 2012, an “autonomous, global communications project”, covers grassroots movements throughout the world and the ideas and aspirations behind them. Its team reported on the international seminar held in Chiapas to commemorate and reflect on the 18th anniversary of the Zapatista uprising. In collaboration with Desinformemonos, the Americas program presents this summary in English of their coverage of the event.