Mexico’s Dirty War Gets Dirtier

Escrito por  |  18 / December / 2011

The Dec. 11 slayings of students Jorge Alexis Herrera and Gabriel Echeverria de Jesus in Guerrero revived scenes from the Dirty War of the 1960s and 1970s, and added names to a modern-day list of dead, disappeared, tortured and wounded activists across Mexico.

Slideshow: Inside the Tents of the U.S. Occupy Movement

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The Americas Program presents a slide show of pictures and texts from renowned photojournalist David Bacon, who takes an up-close look at Occupy Movements on the West Coast.

Women Human Rights Defenders in Mexico Face Threats, Violence

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A Background Paper by Andrea Medina Rosas and Laura Carlsen
Mexico is facing a major human rights and humanitarian crisis–50,000 murdered in the war on drugs, thousands displaced, orphaned or disappeared. This crisis has revealed a deeper and more ingrained institutional crisis. The gendered aspects of the crisis remain invisible. Women human rights defenders have become targets, and gender-based violence has risen precipitously under cover of a society engulfed in violence and lacking basic institutional capacity—or political will– to deal with it.

ALERT: Spate of Attacks on Human Rights Defenders and Activists

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The assassinations of Nepomuceno Moreno, member of the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity whose son was disappeared, and Trinidad de la Cruz of the Nahua community of Ostula, and the shooting of Norma Adrade, the founder of Bring our Daughters Home in Ciudad Juarez, mark a new stage of attacks on human rights defenders in Mexico.

Pablo Solón: the Outcome of the Climate Change Conference in Durban will be Worse than in Cancun

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By Alfredo Acedo When Solón attended the COP16 last year in Cancun, Mexico, he still served as Bolivia’s ambassador to  Continue Reading »

Fiddling on Climate

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There’s a global consensus on what has to be done to stop global warming–cut back immediately on emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. But at the Durban COP 17, once again, the U.S. and other developed countries refuse to agree to an international framework for saving the planet.

South America consolidates its role as an emerging power

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The recent meeting of UNASUR Defense ministers and the Brazilian parliamentary debate on defense reveal that the region has made the decision to defend itself in the face of the intensifying global climate of war.