Land and Territory

Change the Military-Industrial Complex, not the Climate

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The military-industrial complex that holds power in the world is the principle levee holding back the currents that are trying to limit and eventually do away with our civilization’s addiction to fossil fuels.

Challenges of the COP21 Paris and Climate Movements

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The debate is over. Now no one can deny that the world is growing warmer and that it is due to capitalist industrial activity. Or they could deny it, but without any supporting evidence in their favor.

Sacred Land of Amazonian Munduruku To Be Flooded By Dam

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The federal government’s plan to expel the Munduruku from their ancestral lands goes against the constitution because the displacement of indigenous people is prohibited under Article 231. Article 231 recognizes the right of indigenous people to live permanently on their traditional territories.

The Diplomatic Breakthrough in Havana

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In the streets of Havana the diplomatic breakthrough is all people are discussing, from those who interpret Obama’s decision as an admission of a failed policy toward the island, to those who expect that the arrival of North Americans will lead to increased economic capacity.

Rebuilding Community in Medellin’s Violent Slums

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comuna 13

A huge amphitheater bordered by mountains. Below, in the depths of the valley crossed by the Medellin River, buildings signal the city center, highways full of cars, and as your gaze ascends the slopes, thousands of huddled houses hanging from cliffs, ravines, and gorges. Waves of migrants have tamed the hillsides, making them into a kind of vertical city.

Mexico’s GMO Corn Ban and Glyphosate Cancer Findings

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Twenty-two months ago, Mexico became a GM maize-free territory, when a Federal Judge issued the precautionary measure that suspended authorizations to plant any genetically modified seeds of this grain, a staple food in the country, essential to its culture.

Water War Will Continue as PRI Wins Back Sonora

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Irrigation canal transferring Yaqui River west of Yecora

In hindsight, the victory of Claudia Pavlovich of the PRI seemed assured given the crescendo of corruption scandals that started sweeping over the PAN administration in mid-2014.seemed assured given the crescendo of corruption scandals that started sweeping over the PAN administration in mid-2014.