Land and Territory

World Court Accepts Jurisdiction in Bolivia-Chile Dispute

Escrito por  |  12 / October / 2015

The International Court of Justice at The Hague on 24 September 2015 found it has jurisdiction in The Obligation to Negotiate Access to the Pacific Ocean (Bolivia v. Chile).

Drugs and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Escrito por  |  7 / October / 2015

Yet like NAFTA before it, the TPP could open the door wide to greater and more lucrative opportunities for a generally unspoken class of entrepreneurs lurking in the midst–drug traffickers.

Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras Wins Food Sovereignty Prize for Defense of Lands

Escrito por  |  7 / October / 2015

In 2015, the US Food Sovereignty Prize honors the Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras (OFRANEH by its Spanish acronym), Afro-indigenous farmers and fisherpeople who are defending their lands, waters, agriculture, and way of life.

Interconnection without integration: 15 years of IIRSA

Escrito por  |  6 / October / 2015

It has been 15 years since the creation of the Initiative for the Integration of the Regional Infrastructure of South America (IIRSA), and from the perspective of its contribution to integration, evaluation is necessary.

Curb Climate Change: Save Electricity and Defend Your Solar Panel From Energy Reforms

Escrito por  |  20 / September / 2015

For all their drawbacks, the reforms pay more than lip-service to the idea of promoting solar energy. They coerce newly approved corporate power generators into using the renewable sources directly derived from Father Sun.

Hydroelectric Power Invades Brazilian Indigenous Land

Escrito por  |  8 / September / 2015

The Brazilian Amazon’s social and environmental history in the last forty years has been governed by the completion of monumental infrastructure projects, especially in transportation and energy generation.

Change the Military-Industrial Complex, Not the Climate

Escrito por  |  31 / August / 2015

The military-industrial complex that holds power in the world is the principle levee holding back the currents that are trying to limit and eventually do away with our civilization’s addiction to fossil fuels.