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Obama Loosening of Arms Export Controls Could Be a Boon to Smugglers

Escrito por  |  6 / October / 2013

In the near future, smugglers will likely have an easier time of it due to the Obama administration’s plans to dramatically loosen U.S. arms export controls.

The Obama Arms Bazaar Threatens Security and Human Rights

Escrito por  |  28 / August / 2013

Media accounts of U.S. arms sales have focused on assistance to Egypt and Syrian. What are the consequences of this policy for global security and human rights?

The Price of Immigration Reform is Steep

Escrito por  |  14 / August / 2013
Hunger Strike Against Workplace Immigration Enforcement

As the Senate passes its comprehensive immigration reform bill, it’s important to remember that workers and immigrants have never made significant progress in gaining rights in the U.S. without a fight.

Stand Your Ground, Border Policing and the Mass Production of Corpses of Color

Escrito por  |  12 / August / 2013

As Comprehensive Immigration Reform’s fate is uncertain, it’s important to keep the memory of young victims alive.

Leahy Freeze on Mexico Drug War Funds Will Save Lives and Money

Escrito por  |  6 / August / 2013

Senator Patrick Leahy, chair of the Appropriations Committee, blocked release of $95 million dollars in funding for the Merida Initiative, citing the lack of a clear strategy on the part of the U.S. State Department and the Mexican government.

Obama’s Berlin Speech Applies to the Border: Tear Down The Wall!

Escrito por  |  24 / June / 2013
Woodhouse, Murphy.1.Divided #1

The Americas Program made this four-minute video that shows the stark contrast between the images from the U.S.-Mexico border and President Obama’s speech against walls in Berlin.

The Central American Integration Meeting that Never Happened

Escrito por  |  24 / May / 2013

The visit of Obama to Costa Rica to attend the meeting of the Central American Integration System (SICA, by its Spanish initials) was nothing more than a smokescreen for anything but the SICA meeting. There was never any intention of holding a real SICA meeting.