Drug War

Our Interview with Carlos Beristain of the GIEI

Escrito por  |  25 / September / 2015

Just a few days before the anniversary of the attack at Iguala, the America’s Program had the opportunity to interview Carlos Beristain, one of the independent experts that participated in the investigation.

Old Cartels Never Really Die…

Escrito por  |  16 / September / 2015

Despite recurrent pronouncements of death by some U.S. and Mexican officials, high-profile organized crime groups continue operating and shedding blood south of the border. Tijuana, where control of both the local and export drug business is the prize of contention, figures once again as a significant flashpoint of violence.

Deportation, Detention and Abuse on the U.S.-Guatemala Border

Escrito por  |  8 / September / 2015

The victims of this extraterritorial policy are Central American migrants who cross every day, seeking to save their lives and their families from the violence and hunger plaguing their countries.

U.S. Congress Members Oppose Security Assistance to Honduras

Escrito por  |  8 / September / 2015

Members of the US Congress have once again called on the Obama administration to stop funding Honduras’ security forces due to massive human rights violations. Will Kerry listen?

El Salvador Declares Gang Members Terrorists, and Violence Continues

Escrito por  |  7 / September / 2015
Colutepeque gang members. Members of Barrio 18 currently imprisoned in the Cojutepeque medium security-prison, before being transported to a maximum-security prison.

The Salvadoran state has closed off all possibility of any kind of negotiation with the gangs. The constitutional court’s August ruling, which stated that gang members will be considered as terrorists under Salvadoran law, will also affect the thousands of people who work with the gangs, all the way from family members to taxi drivers.

Is the Merida Initiative Working?

Escrito por  |  21 / July / 2015

Now is a good time to examine a key question: Is Merida working? In light of the reality on the ground for many in Mexico (upwards of 130,000 have been killed in the country since December 2006, the year former President Felipé Calderón launched his drug war) the answer may seem obvious, and the question at best redundant, at worst perverse.

7 Reasons to Scrap the $1 Billion Aid Package to Central America

Escrito por  |  30 / June / 2015

We are a group of social scientists with decades of research experience with the very populations targeted in Biden’s plan. We are painfully aware that Central America’s rural and urban poor need support. But Biden’s package is guaranteed to deepen—not alleviate—the problems faced by Central America’s poor majority.