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Brazil’s New Anti-Terrorism Bill Criminalizes Social Protest

Escrito por  |  31 / August / 2015

The government of Brazil is on a determined path to place the country among the list of nations that have restructured their legal framework as it pertains to antiterrorism statutes, even though Brazil has never experienced an actual terrorist attack.

Brazil-US Accords: Back to the Backyard?

Escrito por  |  31 / August / 2015

At a time when Brazil is going through severe economic and political instability, the rapprochement of the United States could cut the wings of a region that had taken solid steps toward independence, and reaffirm its subordination as “backyard.”

Primaries in Argentina: The Ruling Party Near Triumph

Escrito por  |  28 / August / 2015

Primary elections in Argentina have confirmed the rumors. The ruling party, in its conservative strain embodied by the Governor of Buenos Aires Province, Daniel Scioli, can almost taste a final triumph with 38 %.

Guatemala: A Post-Conflict Society

Escrito por  |  25 / August / 2015

No one can understand Guatemalan society without looking at the consequences of state orchestrated oppression. These consequences include women being treated as spoils of war. The Report on the Recuperation of Historical Memory and other documents, like the ones produced by Jesuit anthropologist Ricardo Falla, document the violations of women’s human rights.

Iran Nuclear Deal: Diplomacy or War?

Escrito por  |  20 / August / 2015

As President Obama has indicated on numerous occasions, the political fight over the Iran nuclear deal boils down to a stark choice: diplomacy or war.

Join the Campaign for Justice for Victor Jara

Escrito por  |  20 / August / 2015

The School of Americas Watch and the Center for Justice and Accountability are spearheading an international campaign for justice in the execution of Chilean folksinger, poet and activist Victor Jara. Please sign the petition and send the letters listed below. Our voices may not be as eloquent as Victor’s, but there is no more powerful expression than the demand for justice shared by thousands.

In Mexico, Hunted Down for Speaking Out

Escrito por  |  6 / August / 2015
Eneas de Troya

Once a refuge, Mexico City has become a hunting ground where journalists end up reporting on the assassinations of their colleagues — and wondering who will be next.