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Venezuela: Petro-‘Socialism’ in its Labyrinth

Economic crisis, product shortages, and polarization paint a scenario in which the continuity of the Bolivarian movement is at stake. So is the sovereignty of a country that dared to challenge dependence on the global superpower.

National Congress of Brazil’s Landless Movement: Reinvention in Motion

After three decades of struggle for agrarian reform, Brazil’s Landless Movement paused during its 6th Congress to evaluate its experience and reflect on the new reality. The goal: to change while changing themselves.

Brazil’s World Cup Security Turns Repressive

The fear that mass demonstrations could take place during the World Cup – like those during the Confederations Cup last June – is leading the government to militarize against the protests, with incredibly repressive strategies. And half of the Brazilian population rejects the Cup.

The Criminalization of Poverty in Brazil, a Global Power

In the year of elections and the FIFA World Cup, the country that aims to be a global military and energy power must face the challenges of popular sectors, who demand inclusion and access to the same goods and rights enjoyed by half of Brazilians.

Colombia, a society tired of war

The peace agreements are being boycotted by the far right though the FARC and the Santos government are moving towards the end of the conflict. But the main push for peace comes from the changes that come about in a society tired of war.

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