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Women Defending Rights and Defying Violence

An Americas Program slideshow on women’s resistance, organization and hope in Mexico 2014.

Oaxaca in solidarity with Ayotzinapa students

In Oaxaca, thousands of people in five separate marches converged in the city’s center, the Zocalo, many wearing photos of the disappeared students.

Community Defenders Celebrate 4th Anniversary Blockade of Proposed Hydroelectric Project on Oaxacan Coast

Community human rights defenders from Paso de la Reina, Oaxaca have organized to successfully block the imposition of a hydroelectric dam project on the Rio Verde for four years now.

Bullets Fired Toward Protestors on the Anniversary of Slain Activist

A nonviolent protest on March 15 at Fortuna Silver´s Trinidad/Cuzcatlán mine in San José del Progreso turned tense, when pro-mine groups surrounded and fired shots toward local community activists, national and international human rights observers and journalists in this small Zapotec town in Oaxaca, Mexico.

International meeting unites movements against destructive mining projects

More than 500 people from 12 countries traveled the sinuous mountain road from Oaxaca, México to the small Zapotec community of Capulálpam de Méndez to attend the “Yes to Life, No to Mining” Forum of Mesoamerican Peoples. Community activists and indigenous leaders shared experiences of resistance, and developed strategies for defending their territories against the onslaught of ongoing and planned mega-mining projects that threaten their communities.

Bullets and Blood: The High Price of Anti-Mining Resistance in San José del Progreso

On the evening of June 16, a red Dodge Ram pickup truck drove by spraying two anti-mining activists with bullets. They survived but two leaders of the Coalition of United Peoples of the Ocotlán Valley (CPUVO), which opposes the Canadian Fortuna Silver mine in Oaxaca, were killed in similar incidents. Why the mounting violence?

Casa Amiga: Leading the Fight to Protect Women in Ciudad Juárez

A major wave of layoffs in the once-thriving maquiladora industry of Ciudad Juárez has left thousands scrambling to make ends meet. Among the most vulnerable to this economic implosion are thousands of working-class women. As the maquiladora sector has contracted, Casa Amiga, the only domestic violence and rape crisis center in the city of nearly 2 million, has experienced a dramatic increase in the number of battered women coming in for help. Despite its overwhelming workload, the staff of Casa Amiga continues to provide much-needed services to women in Juárez, one day at a time, case by case.

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