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The Extraordinary Disappeared

What is extraordinary is not the crime. The crime of disappearance is part of the structural violence that has become daily life in Mexico. What is extraordinary is the families’ fight for their missing loved ones. These men and women are an example of courage and good citizenship for the whole country.

Clinton Team Drives Foreign Policy Wedge into Democratic Race

Just two days after the candidates showed little daylight between their positions on global issues during the Sunday debate, the Clinton team struck out at Sanders on foreign policy. How much daylight is there between the two leading candidates?

Mercenaries in Yemen–the U.S. Connection

Latin American mercenaries are leaving the ranks of the national armies of their countries to fight in the deserts of Yemen, wearing the uniform of the United Arab Emirates.

Tlatlaya Massacre and U.S. Military Aid

The suspension of U.S. aid should indeed extend to all security aid to Mexico. Not only are serious cases of human rights violations piling up, but also because the militarized war on drugs model is in itself a violation of human rights.

Ayotzinapa, State Violence and Terror

Approximately one year after the murders and forced disappearances, the truth is still buried. But the implications of these crimes are obvious.

Violations of Human Rights in Guerrero: A Conversation with Vidulfo Rosales

To talk about the crisis of human rights in Guerrero, I talked with Vidulfo Rosales, a lawyer with the Center for Human Rights of the Mountain “Tlachinollan,” in Tlapa de Comonfort, Guerrero, and legal representative for the families of the disappeared students from the Ayotzinapa Teaching College.

On Government Lies, Human Bonfires and the Search for Truth

Why was the government in such a hurry to close the case by shunting the blame off to organized crime? Why insist on a “historic truth” that was not only untrue, but also demonstrably lacking in coherency and common sense?