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Nobel Peace Prize Winner Jody Williams Talks About Women’s Role in Peace

It can be difficult to understand the meaning of sustainable peace. It’s not simply the absence of conflict or war. It’s based on a different concept entirely of security–instead of national security, which of course is to guarantee the security and structure of the state, it’s based on a conception of security that has at its center the well being of the people of a society. If the basic needs of the majority of the population of the county are not met, there is no security.

Mexico’s Epidemic of Violence Against Women

The incidence of violence against women in Mexico has become an epidemic – one that cuts across class and regions. The official numbers hide the real scope of the problem. Many victims never report the crimes, out of fear or shame. And government officials often cover up the violence to avoid the negative image and sometimes to actively protect the guilty. Interview From Mexico spoke with Luz Estrada Mendoza about violence against women and “gender alerts” in the country.

Trafficking in Women and Girls and the Fight to End it

Teresa Ulloa is the Director of the Coalition against Trafficking in Women/Latin America-Caribbean (CATWLAC) based in Mexico City. She has  Continue Reading »

Mexico’s Youth Under Siege

Since the beginning of the war on drugs, launched by former president Felipe Calderon in December of 2006, an alarming number of young Mexicans have been killed in a context of almost total impunity. Ayotzinapa is an outgrowth and a symbol of a war on youth.

Disappeared Youth Spark Protests in Mexico’s Worst Political Crisis in Decades

Following a week of accolades abroad, President Enrique Peña Nieto returned home to face the worst political crisis of his administration. Protests rage after local police forcibly disappeared 43 students of Ayotzinapa, a rural teaching college in the state of Guerrero. As investigations continue, the crisis has laid bare the violence and corruption that control large parts of the nation.