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This website is maintained by the Americas Program.

With more than 30 years of experience in Latin American news and analysis, the Americas Program of the Center for International Policy is a leading source of information for activists, academics and citizens concerned about US foreign policy toward Latin America and movements for social justice within the hemisphere.

The CIP Americas Program documents, distributes and links up movements for social justice in the region from our office in Mexico City.  Through our network of writers in countries throughout the hemisphere, we’ve traced the achievements, sethacks and challenges  of social movements and taken a hard look at U.S. foreign policy by examining the impact in human rights, demilitarization, democracy, gender equality and economic justice. In our writings, public speaking, media interviews and multimedia production, we have built up North-South dialogue and helped inform and broaden networks to strengthen each other’s efforts.

Vision: A hemisphere where all people–men, women and children–live in peace and have the basic means for a life with dignity and full enjoyment of human rights.

Mission: The Americas Program seeks to:

  1. Analyze the impact and promote discussion U.S. foreign (and domestic) policy in Latin America
  2. Promote grassroots democracy and policies that emphasize mutual respect, non-intervention and demilitarization
  3. Strengthen mutual ties among social justice organizations & movements within Latin America, and between Latin American and U.S. organizations to  increase their overall success in achieving their goals.


  1. Analyze the impact of U.S. foreign and domestic policies in Latin America and make recommendations for change
  2. Document, analyze and give visibility to social movements through on-the-ground reporting; contribute to building and allying movements
  3. Raise awareness and develop understanding among activists, academics and citizens of countries throughout the hemisphere via:
  • Web Ezines, MexicoBlog and he Americas Program trilingual website
  • Media interviews and contributions to print and electronic publications
  • Public speaking and tours with partner organizations
  • Multimedia productions

4. Build relationships between social justice movements

5. Promote U.S.- Latin America dialogue

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CIP most recented audited financial statement is available here

Donations to the CIP Americas Program are tax-deductible. The Center for International Policy has a four-star (highest) rating from Charity Navigator.

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